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1. Is it Legal? - This is the most common question I receive and I'm delighted to confirm, yes a ceremony with myself or any Humanist Celebrant accredited with Humanists UK are listed on the GRO database as approved officiants. So this means I can legally marry you anywhere in Northern Ireland. Fab right?!

2. Can we get married anywhere? Absolutely! Within my capacity, I can marry you anywhere! In your garden, on your farm, the beach, in your favourite forest. You do not have to have your ceremony in an approved venue which leaves so many wonderful options to accommodate the wishes of every couple

3. Is our marriage legally recognised in the south or England if we get married with you? Yes absolutely, when you say those words with that little document present on your wedding day, once it is signed and returned to registry and they print your marriage certificate. That is all the proof you need to provide to any country to prove you are legally married.  

4. Can we get married but not legally married with you? Yes, there are many reasons why you might choose to not have a legally binding ceremony - it's no problem. A non-legal ceremony can be as impactful as a legal one!

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