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Who Am I?

Well! This page has taken me the longest to write! Not because there is so much to say but more due to the fact, that on your wedding day it matters not who I am, I should just be a voice to the words and a guidance to all that is happening! Simply, because your day should be all about you both as a couple. But I also think it is of the greatest importance that you get the person that is right for you to marry you. Someone who gets what you're about and it's also good for anyone booking me to know a little about the person they have entrusted to Marry them, so I've finally got a few minutes to tell you!

About Your Celebrant

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This is me, the face behind the emails although usually sporting a 'mum bun' and looking less glam! When I am not 'celebranting' I am usually running around after my two boys, being dragged through muck, to sports I'm petrified of and grabbing whatever cuddles they part with when I can! If I'm not running around after them, I'm forcing my husband to bestow affection on me and as an only (adult) child I am forever gracing my own parents with my presence. This role (I cannot call it a job!) has somewhat become a part of me now and what a wonderful part it is! I fiercely protect the integrity of what I do, being in such a privileged position to be invited into a snippit of families' lives is not lost on me and I make every effort to treat it with the upmost respect and love, I am genuinely delighted to share such a special time with each of my really amazing couples.

I guess the most common question I am asked is, 'Why a Celebrant? What made you do this?' And I could answer it in so many different ways but I suppose a series of events lead to the pure passion that I carry for this role!

Firstly, I have grown up with this normality surrounding just 'popping out to do a wedding' on a regular day in my home. I am the daughter of an officiant and I have adored all the tales and have observed the love that my Mum has had for all her wee couples over the years. I guess you could say that it's in my genes but in reality, her care and compassion has just inspired so much in me and much of my personality leads me in how I approach your day!

Secondly, I have a degree in English Literature, I LOVE writing, I LOVE reading and I especially LOVE the way that every story, and in the case of this role, everyone's life is different and beautiful in it's own right. I am genuinely interested in my couples which makes this even more enjoyable.

This has been many years in the making for me and now that I am living it out, I can assure you, that I cherish it all. I ENJOY every aspect of this marrying people carry on and I always know that couples and their guests can tell that I feel truly honoured to be with them on the day.

I am very grateful for each of you, my couples, who trust me, to ensure you have a ceremony that is about you, for you and to guide you with all things 'I do'!

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